The Economic Adventures of a Transborder Street Musician

Heading down south for the big Pesos.

Not quite yet… January 10, 2008

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tin tanmision de guadalupe

So I waited all day at home yesterday for the owner of that guitar to arrive, I had my mind set. I woke up very early, made myself a cup of coffee, scribbled down a full set of ten or 11 songs and played it full volume in the kitchen. After finishing it up with a bang I released the strap from the guitar (that much is mine), sat the guitar in my tripod and dutifully cleaned it with some kind of weird wood oil that we use in furniture. I also retuned it properly with that 500 lb tuner of mine, because I know nobody won’t once she’s home. In other words I petted the guitar with that condescending cloth of prideful deliverance that says “here, you can have it back but she’ll never be the same.” I mean I could almost see myself saying, when the time to give it up came, “she’ll come back to me the second you neglect her” but that would be a little too freaky considering the fact that she‘s actually an it and has no life of its own apart from my melodramatic imagination. Anyway so I just decided not to play it all throughout the day and instead invest all that time practicing with my Turkish drum. I tuned it, cleaned it, and practiced for hours between breakfast and lunch banging along really festive Middle Eastern and Eastern European music, I was actually excited about the whole instrument change and stuff but, you guessed it, the guitar owner didn’t show up.

Now, I know that she could drop by any time so I’m still going to have that drum ready. Nevertheless I decided to go busking today with the guitar. After two weeks without doing so I was nervous again. I walked around towards the Velarde area which I had come to like quite a lot, but the PA systems were just overwhelming, so I just returned towards the museum and did my set there twice. It was quite a regular day except for the fact that I got tired pretty soon. I did walked around after I finished up busking and by the time I walked back towards Juarez avenue to walk it up to the bridge I saw that the accordion and cup duo were back playing at the corner of the museum. I thought that was cool, I thought they had given up. 

having fun

After changing my pesos for dollars a lady stopped me and told me that I was a really good singer and that she likes to see me outside the museum, she congratulated me and wished me luck, that was actually pretty cool. 

Day 16


Amount of money made: $8.11

Time played: 1h 2om

Exchange rate: 10.96 pesos/dollar