The Economic Adventures of a Transborder Street Musician

Heading down south for the big Pesos.

Me November 11, 2007


Full-time student, part time-worker, over-time dad and a randomly but evenly distributed guitar player.


2 Responses to “Me”



  2. craig Says:

    Hey Ramon,

    Thanks for the comment on thebuskersblog. go ahead and trash.

    I really like how you publish how much money you (don’t) make busking; must make tax time easy. If I published how low the pay was at some places I play, then sooner or later the gigs that DO pay well–the people would find out, and figure why should THEY pay?

    Reading your blog, and looking at the pics, it strikes me again how the north sucks for busking. It’s 16 degrees out, it snowed all day today and now it’s freezing rain. besides, weI live out in the country. Even the capital of New Hampshire–you wouldn’t believe it. There’s nobody there except a handful of (mostly) conservative lawyers, and they don’t tip. No street life.

    Summer here is too short, but I love snow; bring it on. I once lived in Encinitas, and I loved it, too, but I did miss the seasons.


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