The Economic Adventures of a Transborder Street Musician

Heading down south for the big Pesos.

I’m not out in the streets, but the streets are in here with me. December 7, 2007

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The corporate side of the anti-cruisers has been continuosly scheduling my sorry butt to work on Fridays, so I haven’t been able to take advantage of this most profitable day of busking. This means no news today of the borderland front of what we dearly call in my familly the “twilight zone” (downtown Juarez). In the mean time here’s another cyber busking treat. Enjoy.

This one is called “Closure“, nothing political this time, just a few existential screams here and there. Don’t forget the tip hat on the right side of the blog or in this post. Or the comment hat since I can’t really see if you’re head-banging to my song.

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That long black cloud is comin’ down December 1, 2007

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 This one is called “All that you can say“. Enjoy. Don’t forget the tip hat in the form of a paypal button at the end of this post, or the comment hat for that matter. It matters. Cheers.

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Cyber Busking November 27, 2007

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For the past few days it has been quite cold out here and it even snowed for over a day during the weekend. I know that it sounds kind of weird to mention the fact that the snow lasted over a day but it is a remarkable fact in this border region. We do get snow sometimes but it is usually through a fairly brief snowfall that also tends not to stay once it hits the ground. Anyway, what you already know and what I am getting at is that we don’t have an intricate and welcoming underground subway station system like my colleague does in NYC, so I haven’t ventured out to the streets. I have however come up with an idea: cyber busking.

I have decided to upload a performance of one of my songs on video every once in while, maybe when I can’t make it to the streets, or maybe whenever I have a new one to share, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the idea of busking it online. I have added a paypal button where you can drop your coins if you liked what you hear or if you feel like I need a beer or something to lighten up and sing better. Whatever the reason is, please feel free to let me know what you think, if you don’t have any coins to share, then share a comment.

This is the first one and it’s kind of lo-fi, I’ll try to make it better next time. The song is called “A Guantanamera” and it’s all about Guantanamo. I know it’s a little screamy but then again the subject matter calls for it.