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iSoul June 7, 2008

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(photo by Gustavo Martinez)


I want to be scrambled and encrypted
An HD pixel of a million being lifted.
I want to be ripped and burnt
And shared.
I just want to be spelled.

I want to be porn, I want to be leered
And unlike  a post-orgasmic cache hastily being cleared
I want to be saved, I want to be stored,
I want to be clicked again on moments of bore.

I want a book where I’ll have a face
And you can read about my encoded little craze.
I want to go forward without reply
A little emoticon blushing so shy.

Oh god, do I want to be linked!

I want to be the server and the host
While being downloaded always the most
Your USB as a BFF
Where I can save what of life is left.
The FAQ of the inner you
The best of all the songs playing at its cue…
And yes, of course,
I want to be opened and browsed
To tantalize a mind always aroused.
But I have to admit that I want it all right here
In the rarity of the realm of real
Where my flesh might casually meet my reasoning with a beer.
Oh yes, I want it all here
Where the dust can dry my skin
And the wind may drift my mind clear
I want it all right here.

                                                  Ramon Alvarado


One Response to “iSoul”

  1. johnsymons Says:

    On second thoughts, why don’t you keep the weedwhacker

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