The Economic Adventures of a Transborder Street Musician

Heading down south for the big Pesos.

Day 3 November 15, 2007

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It wasn’t the greatest day in the history of the universe. Let’s just put it that way. But I guess it was a pretty good day for someone somewhere out there in this planet which happens to be located within the limits of this cosmos, so I guess it kind of compensates. It was a calmer day and I was able to notice a little more of the organic sounds of the city. The ups, the downs, the constants and the crooked vibrations that entered my ears were just a minute part of the overall arrhythmia with which this town beats. Sometimes its sudden silence would strike me with my own echo being reverberated by the walls across the street, while just an instant before I couldn’t even listen to my voice because of the public transportation buses. Their noise is actually the less polluting component of their very existence and I’m almost sure that some part of them is made with Cobalt-60.  Yet they are a story in themselves worthy of another full post. So I digress. 

 It must have been that lady from Chile that left me all confused. She came by today and after asking me all sorts of small questions she picked my guitar to play a song. It was about a certain lord to whom she was so thankful for the sun and the grass and other stuff. I felt some kind of sympathy when she said grass. I guess she was part of the Harry Potter book club. I may never know. Nevertheless, the day went thus:

 Day 3

Amount of money made: $ 5.27 ( kind of an ouch)

Crossing the border: .65c

Water bottle: .60c

Time played: 1h40m

Actual gain: $ 4.02 (yeah, definitely an ouch!)

(I guess it could have been a better day, moneywise of course , if only I had taken a weird guy’s offer to buy the old and crooked leather hat from me.)



2 Responses to “Day 3”

  1. Saw Lady Says:

    Like the saying goes – ‘some days are diamonds, some days are coal’…

    I like the photo of your hat.

    ‘Saw Lady’

  2. ramonalvarado Says:

    Thank you Natalia, it has been with me for a long time and has been used for the same purpose before when I used to hitch-hike. At that time I used to carry a turkish drum with me. I bought the hat in Greece like 5 years ago.

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