The Economic Adventures of a Transborder Street Musician

Heading down south for the big Pesos.

The evil spot plus some fellow street performers (aren’t we all?) November 13, 2007


 This is the infamous spot right at the corner of the two most Central streets downtown Juarez. As one can observe somebody is using it at the precise moment of my unexpected move with the camera. At this point the subject (whether you decide it to be The Spot or the person performing on it) decides to cover her/itself with an umbrella. So Seña Benina of her… Her art seems to be that of a 19th century Spanish, French or Russian realist novel.

He plays the violin too

I have seen him several times, and he seems to be there forever. The funny thing is that he just constantly bangs at the cords of his instrument, he doesn’t play any particular song or melody or even in any particular style he just bangs, strums and bends the chords for hours. I’ll talk to him one of these days. The first thing I’m going to tell him is going to go something like: “Have you ever heard of a song called Helter Skelter? I think you’d like it”. He has some of what some people would call sparks of genius sometimes, but he’ll never repeat them.

Alacran (native scorpion) man.

Mr. Alacranman is also very frequently seen in different locations of Juarez Avenue, he makes amazing figurines, mainly of alacranes (native kind of scorpions), with minute beads and wire. I think he got his performance together thinking of something Morgan Freeman might be good at: a patient, wise but also deceivingly clever grey head from rural somewhere who speaks to no one about his past…except Morgan Freeman is more of a carving-knife-and-peace-of-halve-carved- tree-branch-carrying  kind of guy. I don’t really see him with little bead bags and wire…

El Mystico

And last but not least, ladies and gentleman, with you, the famous, legendary and profoundly meditative spiritual warrior, mediocre tarot reader during the day but fruitful luchador by night: El Misticooooooooooooooooooo. I love the way Dora and boots are looking at him.



















2 Responses to “The evil spot plus some fellow street performers (aren’t we all?)”

  1. julia Says:

    buenas tus pic, me hacen recordar mucha a juarez…fijate que ahorita hecho de menos mucha a mi casa y todo la gente de alla. pero bueno, no falta mucho para regresar.

    me dio mucha risa el comentario de dora y boots…ve tu hijo estas caricaturas? cuando mi hermano era chico me la pasaba viendo con el caricaturas por las mañanas (pues siempre me levantaba a mi para acompañarlo)…en fin, un grato recuerdo…bueno recuerdos.

  2. […] who truly enjoys cruising streets with musicians and/or performers on them. As you saw from these past post pictures, only one of them was of an actual street musician, not only was he the only one […]

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